Cable: Without Limits

I missed the first 45 minutes or so as I was busy putting pictures of my ass up on the Internet (I know, I wish I was joking too).
One of (several) Prefontaine movies. Wow, I loved this. Billy Crudup is yummy even with the scary ’70s hair and the Prefontaine ego, and look at those muscles. Was it this way in real life: were all the other runners so much skinnier than Pre and more “the normal skinny shape for long distance runners” or is that just how it looks in this film? Donald Sutherland is great, although so emaciated you can almost see his bones coming through his skin. Now who is…oooo it’s Jeremy Sisto playing one of the other runners! I never liked him until I started watching Kidnapped this year, but now I am a fan.
Oh and creepy “Ethan” from “Lost” plays “Bob” (which is always said in a very creepy tone), Pre’s sometimes roommate.
Loved it. Totally cried at the end! Poor Mary! Despite lack of first 45 minutes. Maybe someday…