Fall TV Planning.

Cannot believe Fall TV is just around the corner, with most premieres starting wk of the 18th. What will I be watching? Still torn between a few, but here’s my provisional plan. Yes, technically I can record two shows at once, but then when will I watch the recordings? There is only so much time in each week, not sure how many shows I want to commit to this year. As you know, once I start watching them, there’s no turning back!!!
(all times are central)

8 Heroes?
9 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Definitely watching this, loved the premiere which was up on YouTube.

7 Gilmore Girls? I declared it off my list last year but with the occasional summer rerun watch, I didn’t miss much. or Friday Night Lights? (LOVE the book. The movie was OK.)
8 Veronica Mars of course.
9 Law & Order SVU? Or Smith? Leaning toward Smith.

7:30 30 Rock. Remember reading about this months ago.
8 One Tree Hill (gag)? Or Lost (which I didn’t watch at all last year)?
9 Kidnapped. Timothy Hutton!

7:30 The Office? (Haven’t ever watched)
8 Grey’s Anatomy
9 Six Degrees?

9 Numb3rs

Saturday – Nada!

9 The Wire? or Without a Trace? or Brothers & Sisters? Uh oh!