Paste Culture Club 12/5 edition

More than half of this podcast is dedicated to one band, and I really (REALLY) liked them! Definitely going to have to check iTunes for this album when I get home tonight! They’re called Guggenheim Grotto. They’re on the acoustic/folk-y side of pop. They’re Irish. They’re livelier than, say, their fellow countryman Damien Rice. A bit more cheery, Beatles-y in both the lyrics and the mood department. Their album came out in 2005 abroad but just this Fall here. The MP3s you can listen to on their site are different songs than the one on the podcast so you can really get a wellrounded feel for them before you’ve even bought the album. And they’re apparently playing NY on Jan 30 and Feb 3, but unfortunately that does not fit into “possible weekends I can leave town”.
Damien Jurado and Rosie Thomas appear in the last bit of the podcast. Fun conversations / Sufjan comes up quite a bit.