Guilty Pleasure

So I caught the middle third of this movie on cable the other day and realized I hadn’t watched it in ages, so pulled out the DVD (yes, I own a DVD of it. so sue me.). Man, there are some really laughable things in this movie, but it is still totally fun to watch. And contains one of my favorite all-time movie quotes, although it will be memorable to no one but me I am sure and I can’t even explain why I love this line so much: “Why, you’re all charm and grace, boy.” I say this to people under my breath ALL THE TIME (and sometimes not so under my breath). I love the gruff old men conversations in this movie. Oh yeah, it’s The Presidio (only $10 on amazon! how can you pass this up?). See, I told you! Laughable. But totally a rewatch-at-any-moment (for a good time call) candidate.