Coinstar Rejects.

I used to post about this on the blog all the time; I think it needs its own category here on Snip.

I do not use change. Any change given to me when I buy lunch or stamps or snacks or what have you is dumped into my bag and then dumped into a change jug when I get home. When it gets full, I cash it in and it’s generally about $200 (given the size of the jug, the fact that I dump ALL change in it and only dig out quarters for laundry occasionally). It is always a surprise to find what Coinstar rejects when I take it in as often there is change from countries I have never been to so clearly I got handed this AS IF it was legitimate currency when someone was giving me change for a purchase. Shortly after a Coinstar run, I become a Change Nazi, carefully looking over everything they hand me back. But of course, shortly after that, I forget…

Anywho, here’s this week’s round of Coinstar Rejects:

  • One Boston T token.
  • One Canadian 10-cent piece
  • One dull British 10-pence piece
  • One sparkly French Franc. Hello they don’t even use these in France anymore, but someone in the US is giving me them as change? Lame!
  • One dirty 25-centime piece from the Dominican Republic. Hello!