Great Lake Swimmers are playing Schuba’s June 30…but waaaaaah I am already going to Ravinia that night to see Lyle Lovett (and I’m the glue between the two other people going, so I can’t really back out w/o it being very awkward all ’round). I’m not a huge Lyle Lovett fan but he, his music, and his banter are really the perfect Ravinia concert. You’re outside, you’re eating olives and hummus and chips and drinking wine and you have a citronella candle and a chair and there are blankets and tables and people and you’re chatting with friends, and there’s music and talk coming from the speakers and the HAPPY is just all around, and it’s just lovely. And Lyle does a great show for that type of venue.

But daaammmmmmmmn. I have missed GLS a few times now. Once I had tickets and didn’t go. Once I bought tickets not realizing I had already bought plane tkts to NY that weekend. Ugh. Will it ever happen? Their albums are just beautiful.