Big Screen: Knocked Up.

Hilariously, raucously, side-splittingly funny = Yes.

Offensive, gross and sometimes downright icky, and I’m not referring to the scatological humor but rather the male/female relationships and general ideas about women you cannot help but get from this(ese) movie(s) = Also Yes.

I’ve sort of lost my patience for these male fantasy movies where the boy and his friends are nearly the lowest level of human possible (other than being cute, I guess he could be all that this boy is AND be ugly, that would be lower), yet the prettiest girl in the room falls for him. Oh, of course! And the very few (very FEW) things he eventually does to make himself even somewhat acceptable after the initial breaking off, the girl isn’t even aware of when she decides “Yes”.

There’s a lot more I could say about this, but really: why bother. (You can email me if you really want to know.) That really isn’t a world I’m interested in living in.

I feel pretty much the same way about this movie as I felt about “Waitress”: Great performance by the lead actress. But pretty disappointed by the flick overall.

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