Paste 30 Sampler, a girl (song-by-song) reaction.

Overall feeling: More on the country, folksy side of things than some of their discs. No songs I absolutely can’t stand (woot). Generally diggin’.
Track by track:

  • “We’re from Barcelona” I’m from Barcelona: pop-y and fun.
  • “Can’t Stop” Ozomatli: OK. Kinda weird.
  • “Everyone Gets a Star” Albert Hammond Jr.: Monotone vocals. Cool sound. But not a fave.
  • “Nowhere Warm” Kate Havenick: For the Sarah McLachlan/Beth Orton/Jem lovers out there. Pretty voice.
  • “Four Winds” Bright Eyes: Very country.
  • “Memories of Home” Umphrey McGee: Even more country.
  • “Remember Me” Zach Brooke: Country, but more up, with a real driving beat.
  • “With You” Stars of Track and Field: Synth/electronic. Wistful. Pleading.
  • “Soft Aslyum (No Way Out)” Grant-Lee Phillips: Soft. A little droan-y. I tend to like his stuff, even though I’ve never listened beyond random singles that come my way.
  • “Into Brooklyn, Early in the Morning” The Innocence Mission: Real Suzanne Vega feel to it.
  • “Blue Jeans Pizza” Moe: Jazzy sounds. Very goofy falsetto vocals.
  • “A Good Start” Maria Taylor: Spooky, layered beginning. Nice lyrics!
  • “Gulf of Mexico Fishing Boat Blus” Bruce Hornsby & Ricky Skaggs: Feels like bluegrass.
  • “Trans Am” Nathan: Female vocal? Sweet. But feels a little frantic.
  • “Happy” Martin Sexton: Very sharp, distinctive edge to the lead.
  • “Save Myself” Willy Mason: Lyrics vs. music feels disconnected. Droan-y.
  • “Come Undone” Jackson Water: Can’t tell if the lead vocal is male or female but love the thick, rich tone to it. Anthemic feel.

There ya have it.

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