Live Via Podcast

If you’re not a concert-going freak like myself, but sometimes think “I wish I could hear these guys in concert,” then you might want to check out the KEXP Live Performance podcasts as well as NPR: All Songs Considered which recently has had a couple great live shows, such as The National, which was very similar to what I heard them do in concert (other than the live energy and the fact that you would have to turn a podcast up very VERY LOUD to have it be like being there in concert). KEXP had Band of Horses recently which I was psyched about since they are playing Chicago two nights in a row and I AM WORKING BOTH NIGHTS so I can’t go. Stupid j-o-b, always interfering with my real life priorities!!! One of them (um, yeah, I can’t remember which! Bygones) did an Okkervil River live podcast recently that was good, too. It was a much more raw show – more like dudes playing in a smokey bar than in a concert hall – a bit rough and tumble, and a few too many fans in the audience that wanted to make their presence known (“I love you, Will!” that’s great, moron, a) shut up and b) what about the rest of the band. geez. have some respect). There’s also a pretty long interview with aforementioned lead singer/writer/etc. Will at the end. I’m going to see Stars tomorrow night and I think I have a pretty good idea how cool and atmospheric their show is going to be after listening to their podcast with interview (KEXP or NPR? can’t remember!) where they talk about how much more important they find it to set up a real stage show/presence now that they’re playing to larger crowds.
So, in conclusion, if you can’t make it out to shows, or you can’t manage to get tickets the way I can here in Chicago (something I haven’t really gotten over, there are very few shows here where I haven’t been able to if I wanted [there is the rare show where I decide I just can’t go and then don’t try to buy them], and the only two I really remember are ones where I was an idiot and forgot that the tickets were on sale…), both NPR and KEXP are posting pretty solidly representative live podcasts. So you can go to the concert in your own living room or on your ipod on the El train. Woot. Check what they’ve got available for September/October and you should find all the ones I mentioned (as well as others).