Selected Sampler Singles – Paste #35

New (to me) Songs/Artists I’m Diggin:
“None Shall Pass” Aesop Rock (1)
“Our Friends Appear Like the Dawn” Bodies of Water (4)
“Beloved” Minnie Driver (5)

“Bad Graces” Diego Sandrin (7)
“One Man” Eulogies
New (2) Songs by Old Friends:
“Car Crash” Matt Nathanson (3)
“Rumors” Josh Ritter (3)

“Trouble” Over the Rhine
“Black Out on White Nights” Sage Francis (6)
“Darlin’ Do Not Fear” Brett Dennen
“Hamoa Beach” (Live) Gomez
from Paste #35.
1-Hmm, I bought this album but not sure I ever listened to it.
2-Or new when the magazine came out…months ago! 🙂
3-I am diggin’ these two big time this year. Lots of great stuff by them out there.
4-Very Polyphonic-Spree feelin’.
5-This song is really kind of surprisingly beautiful.
6-Very atmospheric background. Unusual for rap.
7-Nice and sparse, simple seeming, but pretty unusual lyrics.