Best of December

The best movie I saw in December was a tie between Juno and Sweeney Todd. Both made me laugh, one made me cry (just a little!), they both had great music and great acting. If I was forced at gunpoint to pick one, I’d probably go with Juno. Sweeney Todd is as good as you would expect, but not necessarily moreso; Juno was better than you could know, given the previews and the ridiculous whining some critics are doing (IGNORE THEM!).

The best book I read in December was…even harder to pick than the movies as I really loved almost everything I read this month. The funniest was a tie between “An Uncommon Reader” and “Gentlemen of the Road”. The most unusual was “Red Spikes” and the two I perhaps liked the most (and didn’t know at all what to expect from either one) were “Simplify” and “Incendiary”. But honestly, I would recommend ALL my December reads.

The best gig I went to in December…doesn’t exist because I didn’t go to any concerts in December! Can you believe it? I kinda can’t…

My favorite tunes in December were Sea Wolf “Leaves in the River” and Bat for Lashes “Fur and Gold”. Also loving Lupe Fiasco‘s new one “The Cool” and the soundtrack to Juno. Have a lot of new stuff that I haven’t spent enough time with yet, but can’t stop pressing repeat on the first few off The Avett Brothers “Emotionalism”.

Random personal highlights: Two and half weeks off. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.
Lowlights? The worst drive home I’ve had in YEARS. One of the worst drives EVER in my LIFE. Really scary.

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