Fueling the Celebrity Obsession

  • KC re-upped my subscription to US Weekly for the new year. (I have to keep track of my celebrity boyfriends somehow!)
  • Whatever you think of her and Tom Cruise’s marriage, the photos of Katie Holmes in the recent InStyle (you know, the one with her on the cover) are gorgeous. Her new hair has been photoed fugly elsewhere but it looks lovely as here, as well as the dresses they put her in.
  • And as for Julia Roberts in Vanity Fair, I didn’t particularly enjoy any of the pictures but I did really enjoy some of the things she said. Seems she’s really just hit a sweet spot where she’s happy and things are great and I loved some of the quotes and ideas she’s thinking about. “I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like.”
  • Julia talks for a moment about Natalie Portman, who herself recently did an InStyle cover/article, which gives a link to a great charity organization, Shoe 4 Africa. I’ll be shipping them my old tennies whenever I buy new ones (shipping info at the link) considering when I buy new ones because the old ones are “too worn out to wear to the gym anymore b/c the support is gone” they are still fine to be “worn” just not to the gym!