À la Nick Hornby, books in/books out for January.


  • Matthew Eck “The Farther Shore”
  • Bill Holm “The Windows of Brimnes”
  • Vendela Vida “Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name”
  • Elizabeth Crane “You Must Be This Happy to Enter”
  • Paul Park “A Princess of Roumania” (sci fi/fantasy)
  • Walter Mosley “Fortunate Son”
  • Elliot Perlman “Three Dollars”
  • Robert Hass “Time and Materials” (poems 1997-2005)
  • Making Out in Japanese
  • Patricia Briggs “Iron Kissed”
  • Pat Barker “Life Class”
  • Zachary Lazar “Sway”

  • Nick Hornby “Housekeeping vs. the Dirt”
  • The Oxford Book of Short Stories, edited by A.S. Byatt
  • Natasha Trethewy “Native Guard” (poetry)
  • Adrian McKinty “Dead I Well May Be” (library book of Silvia’s)
  • Walter Mosley “Fortunate Son”
  • Denis Johnson “Tree of Smoke”
  • Elizabeth Crane “You Must Be This Happy to Enter”

I have yet to write up a single book I read in January. Perhaps later this week. Perhaps.