Just another trip to Coinstar.

Total change turned in for “real money” = $144.50.
“Change” rejected by Coinstar:

  • Another Boston T token.*
  • One 2-cent Euro.
  • One Canadian dime.
  • One British penny.
  • One, presumably U.S., penny so molded over and verdigreed that I think it might grow a tree if I planted it.
  • One U.S. penny just barely beginning to mold.
  • One U.S. dime, the side ridges of which seem to have somehow been replaced by the outside edge of a penny? I mean, it’s a dime, silver 10-cent piece, but instead of the thin silver scored outer rim a normal dime has, it has a smooth copper rim that extends past the edge on both sides (i.e., is for a fatter coin than a dime). Bizarre!
  • One perfectly normal U.S. dime.
  • And a perfectly good U.S. quarter.

So one transit coin, three non US, two US degraded, one US bizarro, and two perfectly good coins that should have been accepted as Legal currency.
*It’s got to be the Walgreens by work that keeps giving me these. I don’t know if they’re even still valid tokens!