Song of the Day

“Gravedigger” – Willie Nelson (from Paste sampler #40, off his album “Moment of Truth”)
Dude, he works “Ring Around the Rosie” into it; come on now. His voice is such a perfect combination of melodiousness and gravel. I neverrarely* buy his albums but every once in awhile I come across a tune of his I love. He’s a better lyricist than I’ve heard him given credit for. You should never have to bury your own babies. And have you seen Songwriter? Because I love EVERYTHING about that movie, including him, his acting, his singing, and his humor. But it’s one of those movies that I’m not sure anyone other than me and my Dad ever watched (Dad is a big Alan Rudolph fan).
*I did buy one a few years ago, I think it was this one.

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