In Concert: Matt Nathanson

So apparently Monday night shows at House of Blues start at 6:45 p.m. If your “goal” is one of the openers, hey, you can be home by 9! Nuts!

This dude has seriously the best stage banter I think I’ve ever seen/heard at a show. Lots of fun, totally charming. And looks about 22 causing us old folk some bizarre conversation since 90% of his references are 80s. Turns out he’s 35 (or something, this discovery was made late last night and I cannot be bothered to look it up again); Never would have guessed!

I loved the songs and the banter and the energy he throws into the crowd and my god the brilliant covers. (He rocked Don’t Stop Believing.) But seriously? House of Blues? You’re kind-of sucky. If you are even an inch below the balcony overhang, the acoustics are COMPLETE CRAP. We did not stay for Lifehouse because frankly, how are they billed as the main band when Matt Nathanson is also taking the stage? How? (Smooches to you, funny boy!)