DadReaction: Leatherheads

I thought it was a lot of fun. I don’t generally like Renee Zellwegger but I thought she was really good. And I thought Clooney really did that screwball comedy stuff that they were trying for. It was really funny and they played off each other really well. John Krazinski was good as this kid who’s a nice guy and is in trouble really through no fault of his own, so you kind of feel sorry for him.
I thought it was cool, and it had this really nice golden light. You know, that world still existed when I was growing up; these old railroad stations with wooden seats and the college stadiums with red brick around them, none of the glitz and the domes. That older slower world. I enjoyed the whole setting.
Randy Newman wrote the music and it was a great score; got the tone just right.
I enjoyed every part of it and I came out expecting to see a bunch of great reviews. I was in complete shock when I read EW’s negative review. They called it slow, said it drags? And not funny? My jaw dropped.
Thumbs up from me!! [Dad, that is. No GirlReaction YET! But clearly it’s now on my list!!!]

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