The last Madonna fan on earth?

Boy, people are really harshing on Madonna these days. That article actually made me kinda sad. She’s not my very favorite artist…but there’s lots of songs of hers I have liked in the past and I do believe we need people that push mainstream culture’s boundaries, even if they are the fakiest of the fake when they’re doing it, whether they do it as “brands” or “media monsters” or whatever.

I’m listening to her new album Hard Candy for the first time…and I’m finding lots of things to like. Maybe not LOVE. Maybe not OH MY GOD BEST ALBUM EVER. But there’s lyrics I’m likin’, and beats, and random melody lines, and I have always liked her admittedly not-the-world’s-best-ever voice.

Plus I prefer pretty much all my music with lyrics and that includes dance music, which is really what this is.