Album: Jesse Malin “Glitter in the Gutter”

I’ve mentioned this album a few times (here, here, and the single here) but in case you weren’t paying attention…
Great lyrics, insistent rhythms. Sometimes plaintive, sometimes demanding. A little Springsteen feelin’ (he even sings on a track). A little Eagles soundin’ (particularly the chorus of “Aftermath”: “Standing on the corner, watching people walk on…”) and he definitely has a little Southern Rock twinge to him (listen to his pronunciation when he sings “From the desert to this love-stained town, I still find comfort in the underground…” in “NY Nights”). He’s a bit more rockin’ than the average dude on my “melancholy boys” playlist…sometimes a bit more mad. 😉
Two to three months later (March purchase) and it’s still in pretty constant rotation. It’ll take something seriously magical to knock this out of my 2008 Top 10.