In Concert: Meg Hutchinson and Girlyman

We bought the tickets because AW is a huge fan of Girlyman; finding out that Meg Hutchinson was the opener was an added bonus!
Meg Hutchinson: Gorgeous set. Just her and a guitar. Mostly stuff from her new album which has such great lyrics, I really can’t get enough of it. Lovely. On the folky side of pop. LOVE.
Girlyman: Three very unique voices, used quite well together. Reminds me of early Indigo Girls with their harmonies although AW was a little snippy about me having that viewpoint. They seem to switch back and forth between joke-y and serious (in a BNL kind of way), but the vocals/mike were mixed way too low(quiet) for the soprano, they need to amp her up a bit (a big bit). Despite that, really enjoyable, fun show.