Current Favorite Album: My Morning Jacket “Evil Urges”

Wow, this album is just great. I wasn’t going to buy it, given my lukewarm (or less than) feelings for “Z”, but Mariko sent it to me anyway and dang, girl, if this isn’t the ONLY thing I want to listen to right now.

Some of it is crazy funkalicious and totally Prince-worthy (or perhaps Michael Jackson when he was good). Other bits are more sexy soul Marvin Gaye jumping in. And there’s even some Southern Rock influence (“I’m Amazed”). It’s jazzy and funky and I’d have to say downright spirited. Love it. LOVE IT.

And if you haven’t bought yourself a copy of Jim James covering Goin’ to Acapulcooff the I’m Not There soundtrack, I’d highly recommend that as well. Him crooning that onstage at the bizarro funeral; his voice just blew me away.

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