Beers I Have Had Tonight

  • Unibroue Ephemere – My #2 beer of Summer 2008.* Tastes like apple. Yum.
  • Triple Karmeliet – My favorite Belgian beer. From my trip last summer. As you may know.
  • Allagash Dubbel – From Portland, Maine. It’s OK. Interesting Enough.
  • Shiner Spezial Light – The “light” version of Shiner “Bock.” I prefer Bock, but this is what’s in the fridge.

Beers I May Have Later Tonight**
  • Cantillon Gueze – Belgian. Sour.
  • Orval – Belgian. Trappist.
  • Bells Amber Ale – I don’t love this. But I’ve had four beers already, I’m sure it’ll taste fine.
  • Pilsner Urquel – Yum.

*My #1 beer of summer 2008 was Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. As you may know.
**Because that’s what’s in the fridge to choose from.

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