Re-entry sucks. But it’s better with packages.

I pretty much have everything sent to the secondary browsing location given some dodgy mail room issues on the home front. Look at all I had waiting for me when I returned from Staycation!

  • Two skirts from Wrap that were on super super sale. I am all about skirts these days. Too fat for all my pants! 🙂
  • 15 copies of the same book for my Christmas packages. I gave up on stressing over a million specifically tailored to people’s tastes presents when I read about this family that came up with a better idea: everyone in the family picks their “favorite” thing from the past year and they send out the same package to everyone on their list. Since round here “everyone in the family” = “just me”, I pick a CD, DVD and book that I loved in the last year and everyone gets the same one.
  • 12 balls of yarn, six one color, six another, for a super secret project that is not really Christmas related, and given the timing anyway will most likely be a “winter” rather than “holiday” gifting.
  • My Moo-produced Christmas cards using three photos I took on a freeeeezing day last December.
  • A Simply Photo print.
  • Pushing Daisies season 1 and Bones season 3.
  • One of the options for my 2009 calendar. I am still waiting on the other option to arrive from the Eggplant who apparently does not realize the urgency of already having your 2009 calendar when it is now December 8, 2008. Criminy.

It was a good mail day, eh. 🙂

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