À la Super Eggplant, currently, I am…

Eating: Today: nothing. Tomorrow: a cake like this one, I hope.

Making: Good week for dreaming of projects a-plenty. Bad week for actual crafting.

Reading: Just started this month’s challenge book: “Motherless Brooklyn” by Jonathan Lethem. Loving all the Tourettes’ word experiments.

Watching: New season of Burn Notice, yippee. Also about to start in on the Band of Brothers DVDs. For real this time.

Listening to: “Orange Sky” and “All of My Days” (Alexi Murdoch, both) back to back to back. Thanks to seeing “Away We Go” last night (a: it was AWESOME and b: Murdoch was basically the entire soundtrack), I just can’t listen to anything else.

Failing at: Focus. Control. Willpower. The usual.

One thought on “À la Super Eggplant, currently, I am…

  1. I have mentioned that Motherless Brooklyn is one of my favorite novels, right? I LOVE the philosophical ramblings about what is and isn’t Tourettic. Man, I should reread that. (but first I’m getting through Gentlemen of the Road, because I’ve started it about 4 times now and I swear I’m reading it all the way through now.)

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