Big Screen (3D): Avatar

Well. I guess I’ll have to eat crow. I thought this movie looked really, really dumb (as I may have mentioned here and also here) and I went to it somewhat against my wishes.

And I really enjoyed it.

It’s super heavy handed, almost clunkily so (“I AM A GOOD GUY! SEE THE SIGN ON MY HEAD!”), and very typical in its… racial… assumptions, let’s say, but despite that (or because of it?) it totally works on one’s emotions and I just couldn’t help but care about the characters.

And it doesn’t hurt that Sam Worthington is really kinda secretly sneak-up-on-you hot. (I have told you that before even though I didn’t know his name then and just called him that “half-terminator dude”.)

We paid for 3D and I thought the effects were SO MUCH BETTER than when I saw 3D Beowulf, but I am wondering if there’s a difference between 3D on the regular movie screen and 3D on Imax…

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