Fiction: The English American, by Alison Larkin

I’d have to put this one in the “chick lit” category; there were some times it seemed about to rise above that…but it never wholly did. Story of a Brit who finds out her birth mother was American… Lots of interesting family / adoption stuff.

But also really annoying “things that Brits say about us that I have never experienced once in my almost 42 years of life as an American” stereotypes or psuedo witticisms. So every time I was enjoying reading it there would suddenly be something that just ticked me off. For example, I’ve never once made tea by heating water in a microwave for 30 seconds and then using the same tea bag for three mugs. In fact, no one has ever made me tea that way either. I’m sure you see what I mean: ANNOYING. Makes you want to go around your apartment shouting out random insults at the British.

There were things I liked about it. But I thought there were things that could have been done better.

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