Fiction: Undiscovered Country, by Lin Enger

Our challenge book for December. Dad skipped out on this one (after I skipped out on November). 🙂

I liked it but didn’t entirely love it.

Liked the MN winter setting. Liked the kid and his inner thoughts. Found some of the mom / kid stuff handled a bit weird. Liked the little brother stuff. Hated the girlfriend’s dad storyline and found it a bit distracting. Some unexpected twists. I liked it better at the beginning than the end.

I would be interested in reading what Enger does next.

Now all I can think about is how long it’s been since I’ve been out on a frozen lake visiting the ice fisherman. You would NOT even believe how much stuff some of them put in their icehouses. I mean we’re talking electric generator-powered heaters and TVs and all kinds of crazy stuff. NO JOKE!

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