Live at Lollapalooza: Friday

As has become my custom, I only go to the least crowded day now that it doesn’t change venues (and as a result, in my opinion, gets more and more attendees). And then I had to cancel going to Monolith (my preferred festival) due to school work. It was not a great summer of live shows for me (just as it wasn’t a great year for music overall chez Duff).

The Knux – These guys were so great, really the highlight of the day (and since they were the first band, I saw, it is definitely a little bit downhill from there). It wasn’t raining that hard yet, they were UP, UP, UP energy wise and I loved it. I just wish they had played “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

White Lies – I hadn’t planned to check these guys out but turned out they were on the field I needed to meet up with people at so I did. And I liked what I heard!

Bon Iver – I’ve seen him/them four times now and there isn’t that much variation in their show. I just kinda listened in the background; I don’t think an outdoor venue is the greatest for them (and nothing will probably ever beat when I saw them at the Lakeshore Theater, a TINY spot right around the corner from my house).

Ben Folds and Fleet Foxes – I don’t really remember what I thought of these sets. I know, WHY am I writing this up in January when it was in August. I know.

Of Montreal – These guys just put on such a SHOW, whether you are a fan or not. Always something to see.

Depeche Mode – Totally disappointing. They played only a VERY FEW songs from the albums I love. I didn’t love this set.

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