September Album Reviews

Absolutely Love & Adore:

The Avett Brothers “I and Love and You” – I’m sure I have mentioned these guys enough times now that you are not surprised to see them. This album just continues their greatness and they’re getting a much wider release and YAY for them. I can’t really even pick a favorite song or two because everytime I listen I either a) love them all or b) completely change my mind on which one is best!

Sons of Anarchy: North Country EP – Yes, that’s right, my favorite show of the year is also releasing little EP soundtracks. And they’re awesome. This one has “John the Revelator” from Curtis Stigers, the song from the season 1 finale, which is so great. And the “Forever Young” cover by Audra Mae is just lovely.

Glee – The Music, Vol. 1 – I had bought a lot of these as singles as they were released, so I just finished up the album with what I hadn’t already bought. This show is, for the most part, a LOT of fun and so are the covers. I have this random, not well thought out at all, theory that covers are ALMOST ALWAYS good because it’s so hard to ruin a good song. Whereas movie remakes, there are just SO many places those can go wrong. And some of these are not just good or decent covers…some of these are GREAT! Faves: “Bust Your Windows” “Take a Bow” “Push It”

Favorite Singles (not on any of the above albums):

  • “Hazy” Rosi Golan and William Fitzsimmons – so pretty!
  • “Single Ladies” (cover) Pampelmoose – you can find it on myspace or somewheres

Other Albums I Liked:

  • Kid Cudi “Man on the Moon – The End of Day” – Remember back when Kanye was just getting big and dressed like a schoolboy in sweater vests all the time and referred to himself as “Carlton” (from Fresh Prince of LA)? Kid Cudi seems to have taken that personality over for him now that Kanye’s gone all glam. Fave: I really love the song they’re both on here “Make Her Say” (with Common also).

Not really for me / but maybe for you!:

J. Tillman “Year in the Kingdom” – a solo album from a Fleet Fox. Some of this is really pretty – I really like “Earthly Bodies” and “Year in the Kingdom” but I can’t listen to it as a whole album: too overall “on the same note” / too slow and methodical. Needs to shake it up once in a while to keep me going, I just end up fast forwarding… Sorry. 🙁

Shamefully have either not listened to at all, or not all the way through, or so few times that I can’t legitimately offer an opinion:

Sea Wolf “White Water, White Bloom” – I really like this band, I just haven’t given this album much more than a cursory listen. I KNOW. I got it after school started though and listening since then has been very inconsistent. What I’ve listened to sounds pretty but I know their old stuff a lot better.

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