YA/Fiction: The White Darkness, by Geraldine McCaughrean

Our challenge book for October. I can’t remember what led us to pick this book; I know we (or I) read about it somewhere.

We both LOVED it. It doesn’t hurt that we’re both South Pole/Antarctic junkies and have already read lots of books on the topic/subject/area (including great books by Sara Wheeler! “Terra Incognita” and “Cherry”).

Sym is so smart and fantastically imaginative. It’s one of those books that, rather than having an unreliable narrator, it’s a narrator who doesn’t know everything but as she figures it out, the revelations start coming out fast and crazy and the whole world changes before your eyes. Her obsession with Captain Titus Oates is both humorous and touching.

There’s some really sad stuff and some really amazing stuff and you are just ROOTING for certain things to happen…


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