DadReaction: Nostromo, by Joseph Conrad

Our November challenge book. I had to leave Dad in the lurch on this one, I just had too much school work in November (with finals in the beginning of December) to undertake this one.

Dad: It was harder to get into than I expected / I remembered really liking Conrad. It was one of those sort of prescient things that could be so easily adapted: a South American country gets sucked into the capitalism of the West, because of its resources. Of course, this starts warping the society there; you’re watching it happen.

It’s an interestingly written book: always taking some weird perspective, lots of flashbacks, leaving things behind. You know ahead of time who makes it and who doesn’t, because he tells you throughout the text. Odd hero as well: he won’t marry the right chick / her dad kills him. Very odd ending for a book about something else.

Worth it but I did have to flog through it.

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