Perhaps this is a problem only for those of us who watch way (WAY!) too many hours of TV.

But when different shows all use the same actor for guest spots, man it can get confusing. Say, for example, this summer (when I meant to blog about it) when Max Martini, who I do really enjoy, was on Dark Blue, Lie to Me, AND White Collar…ALL WITHIN A WEEK’S TIME. I kept getting confused as to whether he was good or bad!! At the time, I had chalked this up to “it’s hard to find guests in the summer” until the fall season started and this phenomenon started hitting me over the head every week.

Michael Gaston was a recurring (but not ‘regular’) assassin on Rubicon on Sundays…and then OH HAI a recurring lawyer on Terriers the following Tuesday. Jennifer Morrison played a total nutbar on Chase one week…and a sorta nutbar on How I Met Your Mother the following week.

Given that they are mostly guest spots, and that the actor involved probably would not know when they were airing, and shows probably don’t ask a guest “hey, have you done eps for any other shows lately?” I guess I can see how it could happen. But then a series regular on one show (Bobby on Supernatural) shows up as a guest spot on another show (The Mentalist)? (And, I don’t watch it, but his IMDB page lists him as popping up on Law & Order: LA as well!!) It’s crazymaking for a serious TV addict like me.

I could carry on with this list but I know you’re already bored. I just think there are more actors out there who could probably use a paycheck. Am I right?

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