Big Screen: Blue Valentine

Small, quiet, kinda painful (emotionally).

I feel mixed on this one. You are seeing, at the same time, the very beginning of the relationship and the very end. So you have to sorta take it on faith that the middle was…better? worthwhile? not just loving (beginning) or fighting (ending)?

There’s a small secret there, spun out very slowly, that has an almost Memento-like effect of changing how you feel about things that happened earlier…

Shot really small and intimately, the sex scenes were kinda hard to watch: I felt like I was intruding on them! As if I had just walked into the room.

I also felt like this had a lot of (unintended) similarities to Wendy & Lucy. You could almost picture this as being the same character, a few years later (or, in the flashbacks, from around the same time).

I liked it and I’m glad I saw it, but…I didn’t completely fall in love with it.

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