Big Screen: True Grit

Really fantastic. Bridges blows the top off the barn, Damon is HILARIOUS, the girl is great, Brolin didn’t even annoy me to his usual extent. The setting is wonderful, GOD I LOVE WESTERNS (hey! I grew up on this stuff!).

This one’ll win a lot of awards and it does indeed deserve it.

Is it just me, though, or is Jeff Bridges not totally channeling Kris Kristofferson (both here AND in his role in Crazy Heart)? In that first scene, where you hear the drawl before you see him… Wow. (Not to take anything away from Bridges’ amazing performances.)

DadReaction chimed in to say that while he also loved the movie, it made him go back and re-read the book and the snake pit scene is a LOT WORSE in the book. He even had a hard time turning the pages! You’ve been warned!

1 thought on “Big Screen: True Grit

  1. I just got back from seeing this and WOW. I fucking LOVED this movie. I keep saying that I’m not a fan of westerns but the past few westerns I have seen have all been great, so…I should maybe rethink that.
    I simply love Jeff Bridges and I refuse to admit that there was a time I did not take Matt Damon seriously.

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