Big Screen: Cave of Forgotten Dreams (3D)

The best use of 3D I’ve ever seen.

The inside-the-cave stuff in this movie is SO COOL. The cave itself, the drawings in the cave, the way those primitive artists used the 3D bumps and bruises of the cave to enhance their drawings, the calcite stuff that has formed over everything, creating the most awesome stalactites and glimey goopy stuff you’ve ever seen.

If only it was a silent movie….

I mean the narration has a lot of really dumb stuff. I went with two academics and they were both really frustrated by the things the filmmaker chose to talk about (and the things he didn’t). And there were some really REALLY ridiculous parts, especially in interviews outside the cave.

Like when the dude wearing reindeer-skin boots and poncho plays the starspangled banner on a flute made from the tendon of a bat? (I AM NOT JOKING.)

There was one cool interview — with these two people who are figuring out which drawings came when i.e., “so first there was this, then 10,000 years later someone added this, then 4,000 years later, a bear scratched this up here”…but a lot of the interviews SHOULD have been done in the person’s native language and subtitled (as a few were) b/c the ones done in English had a lot of places where the person was obviously struggling to find the right word and ended up sounding much less smart and insightful than they probably really are.

Thumbs up for getting to be inside the cool cave and the use of 3D and the really really cool stuff you see. The cave is AWESOME.

Thumbs down for the narration, most of the interviews, and some really ridiculous speculation. Including, especially, the albino alligator stuff which was just BIZARRE and out of left field.

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