Big Screen: The Company Men

Yes, it is June and I am posting about movies I saw as far back as February. Trying to get caught up this weekend! We shall see…

This is a bad movie in many, MANY ways, but perhaps worst of all in its timing. These are not the people to feel sorry for in a depression / recession / whatever this is. Some idiot who makes six figures but spends so much that when he’s out of work, he is losing his house within three months? There are honest, hard-working, NON-slimeballs out there who’ve been laid off solely due to the economy and looking for jobs for forever and I don’t know WHO the producers of this movie thought could POSSIBLY have been an audience for this. But the fact that they have all gone off and started a new business together by the end? COME ON.

Almost ALL the characters in this movie are complete jerks. I love you, Ben Affleck, for giving me The Town but whatever made you think this movie was a good choice? Not only is it an ill-timed movie about jerks but your character is the biggest jerk of all. His KID is more in tune with the reality of the situation and he completely blows him off.

Also some of the non-Boston actors in this movie have The Most Ridiculous Overwrought Boston Accents you have ever heard (Kevin Costner, Rosemarie DeWitt, I’m looking at you two in particular).

The only thing I unequivocally liked about this movie was Rosemarie DeWitt’s wardrobe. (Mostly jeans, cute boots, snug sweaters.) That is IT.

Tommy Lee Jones played the most interesting character…but being the most interesting of this bunch is not saying much.

Bad, bad, and hey, bad.

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