I 100% agree.

A tiny excerpt from an overall great post you should go read on giving up the “list”. Whether it be officially a bucket list or just a “things I want to do before x” list. Or a “I won’t have done all the things I want to do if I don’t do these things” list. [SPOILER: WE WILL ALL DIE WITHOUT HAVING DONE ALL THE THINGS WE WANT TO DO! Srsly.]

You can’t know what will shape you, make you, save you, break you. Your heart cannot be cauterized on command. And in fact, it’s braver to see that you are imperfect, and be okay with it, and go forward anyway. Tiptoe past the ancient walls. Roar down the unmarked path through the endless field. See what you find.

Sure, some things you have to save for. “Travel to X in the next two years” may be a case of “reminder that I need to not throw $$ down the drain so I can afford this trip I’d like to take” [which in reality you’d like to take now, not then]. I’m not saying don’t have things you’d like to do. But the idea of this list that you need to accomplish by X time (or, in the bucket case, BEFORE DEATH), that setting up of a goal that you will most likely fail at leastpartially…and then be judged by yourself on?

I believe in the now. Do what you want to do. Do it as close to when you want to do it as you can. Don’t waste all your time planning for that mystery “one day” that will never arrive.
Live today.

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