RIP Bella Schmella Schmoo.

My friend Carrie’s dog Bella died yesterday and I’m oh so so so very sad about this, I couldn’t even express to you how much. I loved her very dearly.
Spotlight on Bella
Bella ponders her kingdom.
Bella streeeeeeetch.
Bella scared.
Bella Schmella Schmoo
She was super camera shy as you may have been able to tell but I’m so glad I took her picture anyway.
33/52 me & Bella, cuddlin' on the couch
I’ll miss you sweet sweet girl.

7 thoughts on “RIP Bella Schmella Schmoo.

  1. Oh that makes my heart ache. I am so very sorry… My sweet girl of 16 years died last February and I am still completely devastated. It’s so very hard.

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