Well, hello there, reader who loves movies, if there indeed are still any readers out there.

Just an FYI that today, August 6, I went back and wrote quick reviews of all 22 movies I’ve seen so far this year! But since I was writing in reverse order and didn’t feel like having a post on, say, The Descendants, a movie most people saw last year, at the top of my already very neglected blog, I decided to post-date all the reviews back to around about when I saw the movies. So if you want to hear what I had to say, you may just want to go to the watchin’ category page and read from there.

My favorites of the year so far were Pariah (so good, see Ebert’s review which I think is what made me need to see this), Cabin in the Woods, A Separation and Moonrise Kingdom. I thought Tinker, Tailor was great as well but again that’s a movie many people will have seen in 2011. Pariah and Cabin in the Woods should be (?) out on DVD, I would think, and you should seek them out. Both so SO good, in completely different ways.

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