Sick Girl Likes Action Flicks

The only movies I find tolerable enough to watch right now as I drift in and out on the couch have been action movies.

(All rewatches):

Bourne 1, 2, 3:
I still get really pissed during the first movie how much they threw away (or actually DID WRONG) from that book, because it’s just a gloriously finely crafted book and not a very good movie. Movies 2 and 3 are very well done, although they basically have nothing to do with the books at that point. But I can enjoy them as movies in their own right, whereas the first movie just makes me mad. But I watch it anyway. Because Matt Damon is pretty.

Lara Croft 1, 2:
It’s hilarious to watch these movies and see Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler as Angie’s sidekicks, respectively, back before they really hit it big. I love how these movies combine some great fighting with the Indiana Jones mystical hoo-ha type stuff. And I could just watch training montages of Jolie fighting for a few hours and be pretty happy. 😉

Casino Royale:
It’s so interesting to go back and watch this after having seen Skyfall, because tell me that you, like me, did not forget how rough and tumble and just plain uncouth Daniel Craig was in the first of these movies. Yes they work it into the storyline, having him just barely having made 00 status as the movie begins. He’s just so much sloppier here. His clothes don’t fit, he gets muddy, etc. It’s an interesting evolution they’ve put him through, moreso than any other Bond I would think.

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