Big Screen: Mud

From the director of Take Shelter, this is an unusual little movie that I just loved to pieces, as did my fellow viewers. By the way, we were the youngest people in the theater by about 100 years. There were numerous walkers, wheelchairs, and interestingly loud exhalations on display throughout the theater.

And yes, it has Matthew McConaughey in it, part of his whole “I do art-y movies now” like Magic Mike (which I actually thought sucked) and Killer Joe (which was compelling but horrible and do not watch it unless you want to be completely icked out).

But guess what? It also has the kid from Tree of Life and he’s even more amazing here. It reminded me/us a little bit of Beasts of the Southern Wild, except less marginal (more relatable in many ways, for me anyway) and none of the extra fantasticalness thrown in. Very down to earth and compelling (and painful) about family conflict and what makes someone your family–obviously Neckbone is as much Ellis’ family as anyone else, growing up, true love (and how DO you know it’s true) and so many other things. This was really just lovely.

Michael Shannon’s part was surprisingly small, I kept waiting for something more to happen with his character. Maybe next time!

Also: there is a character named Neckbone. Neck, for short. An adorably honest peculiar young kid named Neckbone. LOVED HIM.

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