On podcasts and changing my mind.

I often have very random preconceived notions about celebrities–ones I like, ones I dislike for whatever random reason. We all do, right? And it’s been intriguing me lately how their appearance on say, Jimmy Fallon or a late-night show rarely changes how I feel about them. But a 30- to 45-minute podcast interview, on the other hand, can have a huge effect.

For instance, I never watched That ’70s Show but I loved Topher Grace in both Win a Date with Tad Hamilton AND In Good Company. After listening to him and his idea for his new web site on The Nerdist podcast? Nope. The web site idea sounds a million years too late and what he wants to do on it has been so well and widely done elsewhere. No one who was really smart would think it was a good idea at all.

Whereas, say, B.J. Novak for whom I have harbored a perhaps (PERHAPS) irrational complete hatred for, for years, thanks to The Office and Inglorious Bastards, things I loved lots of things about and hated him in–after listening to him on the Nerdist, I think he’s so much smarter than I ever realized and I am totally going to buy his book of short (in some case, very short) stories.

In case you were wondering. Don’t lie, this is all stuff you couldn’t have gone on living without. Heh.

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