I am such a good cousin. And – Boys Suck. As usual.

Here’s an email response I wrote for one of my cousins who has a jackhat sending her the most ridiculous emails on earth. The items in bold = those are where I am quoting him back at him.
Dear [name removed to protect the GUILTY],
When I said “I won’t meet up with you for dinner”, I was being honest to where my feelings were at the time, but not entirely true of my overall feelings about you. I did not mean “I won’t meet up with you for dinner next week”, I meant “I do not want to see you, speak to you, or get emails from you ever again.” By “next week”, I meant “for eternity.” By “I won’t meet up with you,” I meant “I do not want you in my life.” I just thought you should know that–however hurtful it may be. I just have a difficult time understanding when there are what I perceive as conflicting desires. I’m sorry for how I’ve interpreted my feelings.
I hope they are clear to you now.
please do not contact me ever again, stupid moron,
[name removed to protect the INNOCENT].