Best of February.

February’s over? I personally happen to love February but I have to admit, I was pretty much of a schlub all month.

Let’s see, the best gig I went to in February had to be…the Essex Green opening for Camera Obscura because, horror of horrors, I only went to one concert all month! (What was I doing with my time?)

The best book I read in February…well I guess that would be Proust Book 3 (or “The Guermantes Way” as it’s called in this translation) but I’m not done reading it! I started it Feb 1, I believe, or Jan 31, and I’ve still got (exactly) 104 pages to go… Doh! That said, I did have some pretty unexpectedly busy weekends in the month, so what’s a girl to do?

Only one concert? and one book? OK, this is pretty pathetic so far…

The best movie I saw in February was by far Blood Diamond, although I may have personally enjoyed Music & Lyrics a little more. You know, it had music, and it wasn’t as heartbreaking.

I am all about not getting my heart broken in February since I certainly get it broken every other stupid month of the year.

As for tunes in February, I’ve been all over the place. Obsessively listening to the soundtrack for Music & Lyrics, enjoying the new Fall Out Boy, listening to lots and lots of Rogue Wave especially after a (new?) single played on FNL, digging The Bees (US) and Midlake (who I told you about twice (1, 2) and then finally got…very ’70s peaceful, easy feelin…), and listening to some stuff I bought at the very end of January that didn’t get much play that month (new Youth Group!!!! “Casino Twilight Dogs” (*LOVE*) and The Guggenheim Grotto). Still lovin’ the Shins although my ear can’t recognize what’s the new album and what’s old…

Random personal highlights of the month were: a) Ame came to visit!; b) I went “home” (to NYC) and quilted with Jackie (and ate with Em, Stephanie and Jenn!) and saw Shawn and the kids!!!; c) new specs; d) brunch with the Strizz and her man!; e) Steph and Mark slept over in a storm; f) another night at the darkroom (hey Chicago Amy! Tracy and I missed ya!); g) finally finding yummy Chinese in Chicago!; h) flowers from MaryKay (so sweet!); and i) we got some snow!!!!

Lowlights: a) Bears lost the Bowl; b) new computer didn’t work for a week and had to be dragged back and forth to the store; c) even OLDER! Ah, well. On to March…

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