In Concert: Ben Kweller. GOMEZ (!!)

I cannot see Ben Kweller without thinking of Leif Garrett. He’s a better musician, but he’s got the same hair, and he’s got a total 70s poppy sound. He was just as enjoyable as at Lollapalooza even though the mix seemed off (his vocals were LOUD compared to the rest) and the place wasn’t very full as he started pretty much right on time (what’s up with that. crazy, eh.).

As to Gomez…. Gomez was AWESOME. I have told you a zillion times how much I loved their album last year (“How We Operate”). Seeing them live, you know it wasn’t a fluke. Swapping between three leads, great guitar playing, intense moody songs, as well as lighter-hearted fare. Lovely. Really lovely. They’ve got such interesting (and interestingly different) voices; the harmonies were really great. Highly recommended.

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