À la Super Eggplant, currently, I am…

Making: Not much. Very occasionally knitting on a sock, or on Maddox. (Both are up on Ravelry if you feel like finding me on it.) THINKING lots about quilting, and basting, and piecing, and planning, but not actually doing any of that.

Reading: Uh oh, I finished a book yesterday and I forgot to put a new one in my bag before I left this morning! It’s going to be Michael Chabon’s new one but looks like I won’t be starting it until tomorrow!

Watching: Still watching Buffy (season 6) and Angel (season 3). I was writing about them as I watched them for a while, but then I got bored with that as it just slowed me down and all I really wanted to do was watch more and more and more and more. Soon I will be done. Then what will I do with my time? I’ll have to go back to real life and it won’t be pretty! I am REALLY hoping to see both “Waitress” and “Hot Fuzz” (Dad review: BRILLIANT!) this week but not sure how that’s going to work out given that I am shopping tonight, concerting Thursday night and probably hemming a dress or two on Friday night (don’t ask).

Listening: Lots of musicals, thanks to Buffy (“Once More, With Feeling“) and a new Duncan Sheik (“Spring Awakening“) that How says is lots of fun. New albums by Travis, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Elvis Perkins and still Arcade Fire, as well as old albums by Liam Frost & the Slowdown Family (really like) and Josh Pyke (like), and now that Paste comes out monthly, I’ve got at least two samplers I’ve barely put a dent in, and I’ve got a pile of TO BE LISTENED TO that I haven’t even broken into that includes Manu Chao and the Noisettes. Someday I will quit my job and then my stereo will really go up in flames. Someday.