Best of April.

I’m not sure why I did so little in April as according to my calendar, I should have had three weekends free with only one weekend out of town, and one weekend with a house guest. Hmmmph. Procrastination reaches new heights!

I only saw one movie in April. And it wasn’t very good.

I read a few books in April and I’d have to say that Haven Kimmel’s latest memoir and the conclusion to Justine Larbalestier’s Magic or Madness trilogy were probably the best two, although I enjoyed all my reads that month.

Wow, I went to five concerts in April, I guess that’s what I was doing with my time. The Decemberists and Youth Group were probably the performances I just outright enjoyed the most, but seeing Josh Rouse a second time was definitely worth my while: he’s a lot of fun live.

I really didn’t buy as much music during April as I did in prior months of 2007. I listened a lot to “She’s About to Cross My Mind” from The Red Button which I bought after reading about them here. I bought Vandaveer “Grace & Speed” after reading that he played at Number 4‘s wedding (!!). And after Golden Smog made my top 10 last year, it wasn’t like I could pass up “Blood on the Slacks” with its Dylan teasing title. Singles-wise, I cannot stop listening to “Walk Over Me” Dirtie Blondie and the Like Rebel Diamond remix of The Killer’s “Read My Mind” (both featured on Friday Night Lights, of course). I made a mix last month that’s pretty damn fantastic if I don’t say so myself. I might send you one. Give me a good reason…

Random personal highlights: a) How came to visit!; b) Cezanne/Picasso “Vollard” show at the Art Institute was v. cool; c) FINALLY!! eating at Mas again and having my favorite drink in all the world: Pisco Sour. YUM!; d) trip to NY for Amy’s yarn inventory. Nuts.; e) brunch with the McCains and spending time with Clark’s dad again, planning our some-day hike through Colorado!; f) Lollapalooza tickets go on sale = Done!

Lowlights? I remember being really, really, really tired. Just cannot catch up.