Old Favorites Revisited…Lonely Boy Fall 05

Sometimes I get in a bad habit of only listening to the new tunes fighting for space on the iPod and conveniently forget that there are loads of playlists full of old stuff that I love and if I’m not going to listen to it then maybe it wouldn’t need to be there taking up its own space… So this morning I started going through old mixes. When I listen to this now, it seems a bit more straight-out rock than I remember… I haven’t listened to some of these songs probably since shortly after I first made this mix… Glad to find I still dig it.

Lonely Boy Fall 05

  • “Homesick” Kings of Convenience
  • “You’re So True” Joseph Arthur
  • “Sending a Note” Graham Colton Band
  • “The Drifter” David Poe
  • “Cold Day in the Sun” Foo Fighters
  • “Strangerman” Ringside (lots of love for this song)
  • “How to Dream” Sam Phillips
  • “Eve, the Apple of My Eye” Bell X1 (…SOUNDS LIKE…Annie Lennox!)
  • “All for You” Sister Hazel
  • “Faded Beauty Queens” The Thrills
  • “Home to Me” Josh Kelley
  • “Across 110th Street” Bobby Womack & Peace (long-time fave)
  • “New York, New York” Ryan Adams
  • “Be Be Your Love” Rachael Yamagata
  • “New York” Richard Ashcroft
  • “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” Everlast (cover)
  • “Real Love / It’s Only Life” Mike Doughty (cover)
  • “Life on a Chain” Pete Yorn
  • “Let It Be” Beatles (can’t go wrong…)

Try it. You might like it.