Patheticness of the Day

This really pretty, beautifully melodic, lovely song off Joe Purdy’s latest album is TOTALLY MAKING ME CRY. And the worst part is, it’s called “Ode to Sad Clown.”
COME ON NOW PEOPLE. It is an ode to a sad clown and the lyrics are totally making me cry. Can you get more pathetic and stereotypic than that? I think I better go to bed.
(Nonetheless, I assure you it is a good song. Regardless of the pathetic person listening to it.)
I used to hear the children play
used to hear the birds sing
one day they just stopped
and I don’t hear them anymore…
I got caught in this whistling wind
doin my best to regret these sins
Lord would you forgive me
if you know I’m gonna do it again
it’s not that I’m not sorry Lord,
it’s just that I’m not strong
Oh ’cause when that woman looks at me
I cant remember right from wrong…