A Lil Romance for This Boring Sunday Afternoon

Well it’s getting late, we should stay here
But you’re on the phone, miles away
And though I know it’s not the same
We can fall asleep, dream of ways
But you’re already in my heart
I said you’re already in my heart
And I knew right from the start
That you’re already in my heart

-from Earlimart “For the Birds”

I really love this album. (I talked about it here.)

Current favorite song: “Deja Vu” Eminem

[Truly you lose something just reading these words and not hearing the beat. It’s a great song.]

Sometimes I feel so alone, I just don’t know,
Feels like I’ve been down this road before
So lonely and cold, it’s like something takes over me
As soon as I go home and close the door
Kinda feels like deja vu
I want to get away from this place, I do
But I can’t, and I won’t,
I say I try, but I know that’s a lie, ’cause I don’t
And why, I just don’t know

Favorite Song of Yet Another Horrible Monday Morning

Never took the chance, could have jumped the fence
I was scared of my own two feet.
Could have crossed the line, it was black and white
No contrast to be seen.
What would you do? What would you do?
Do you know?
Was it all a joke? Never had control.
I’m not better on my own.

“I’m Not Over” Carolina Liar
-From another old playlist “Flurry of Fall Favorites 2008”. I am really getting some leverage out of old playlists these days.

Favorite Song of This Wednesday* Morning

Alexi Murdoch “All My Days”
And I’ve been tryin to find, what’s been in my mind
As the days keep turning into night…
Well I have been quietly standing in the shade, all of my days…
Many a night I found myself with no friend standing near, all of my days…
For I look around me, and my eyes confound me
and it’s just too bright, as the days keep turning into night…
Now I see clearly: it’s you I’m looking for, all of my days
So I smile and know I’ll feel this loneliness no more, all of my days…

Murdoch was basically the entire soundtrack to Away We Go a few weeks back and I just keep needing to listen to him. If you aren’t familiar, you can try him out over here.
* ‘S only Wednesday? Sigh.

Favorite Song of This Monday Morning

Pete Yorn “Social Development Dance” (from his new album “Back & Fourth” that I really, really like)

And when we kissed it was electric
A chemist made us for each other…
There’s something missing in us
We long to make it whole
Though it never feels like it
I know you have it all
I know you have it all…
I heard you were staying up north with a friend
And that your hair was falling out
I tried to find out what had happened to you
I googled you in quotes, got no results
I never learned how you had died
But I knew how you had lived…